Which Necklace for What Neckline?

d93351035ada5adf2a0bce08f95a66e5Sometimes it’s hard to buy necklaces in the store  or online when you’re trying to match it with an outfit that you aren’t wearing. Sometimes your guess is spot on and other times it just won’t work out.

I found this picture online and it is PERFECT! I tried on some of our necklaces with a couple different shirts and it is so true. No one every taught me which necklace to wear with what neckline so I was wear long necklaces with everything! This is not the case anymore. Since I found this picture I’m able to match some of our Finders Keepers Jewelry necklaces with different necklines and it completes my outfit every time.

One of my personal favorite necklace sets to go with the scoop neck, off the shoulder look, sweet heart top, or the V neck plunge is Bubble Necklace Lacy. Not only is it a great turquoise color, but the length and style of the necklace goes with just about anything. It also has a cute pair of earrings to go along with it.

If you’re not a huge fan of turquoise, click the link above and scroll down to see the same set in various colors!

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